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Welcome to!

I started LylyBelle as a way to present my crafts & designs, and to supplement
the selling that I do with
eBay and also at Lavender Day Spa in Manchester, NH.  
My goal with this site is to give you an overview of what I have done, and what I
have available for custom work and specialty orders.

One of my favorite things to create are handpainted wooden signs.  I can do
these with your choice of logos or sayings, as well as my original artwork --
custom created for whatever you might need!  Take a look at the
Crafty Stuff
page to see a sampling of these signs and the images I have created for friends
and family
, as well as many more of my other creations!  Don't see what you're
looking for?  Ask and you shall receive!

The other reason for this site is to promote my Web Design services.  I am
self-taught, and really enjoy creating computer graphics and websites.  More
information is available